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New Volunteer Info


We need you... People can help improve communities and learn new skills as a IRS-certified volunteer. It might not seem like the obvious choice, but one way for people to help others in their community is by volunteering with VITA.


People can sign up through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.  

The IRS and its VITA community partners continue to look for people around the country to become IRS certified volunteers

  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance offers free tax return preparation to eligible taxpayers.


Many volunteers return to the program year after year. Here are several reasons why:

  • Volunteers can work flexible hours. Volunteers can generally choose their own hours and days to volunteer. The Bible Chapel site is open from early February through early April.

  • VITA sites are often close to home.  

  • No prior experience needed. Volunteers receive specialized training to become IRS-certified. They can also choose from a variety of roles to serve, including greeters and tax preparers. VITA programs want volunteers of all backgrounds and ages, as well as individuals who are fluent in other languages.

  • The IRS provides free tax law training and materials. Volunteers receive training materials at no charge. The tax law training covers how to prepare basic federal tax returns electronically. The training also covers tax topics like deductions and credits.

  • Please contact us for more information, xxx-xxx-xxxx or e-mail [tbd]


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